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"Preserving Heritage Elegance: The Restoration of Alcoy's Municipal Building through Capiz Windows and Interior Fittings"

In the heart of Alcoy, a town steeped in history, the restoration of its Municipal Building stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of Capiz craftsmanship. This content explores the profound cultural significance of Capiz in Filipino heritage,

Preserving a Cultural Legacy:

The preservation of Capiz craftsmanship is not merely about conserving an art form; it's about safeguarding a cultural legacy. As generations evolve, the continuation of these traditions becomes pivotal in retaining the essence of Filipino identity. Capiz, with its historical significance, serves as a bridge connecting the past to the present and ensuring a cultural continuum for the future.

Capiz, with its delicate translucence, has graced numerous religious icons and artifacts throughout the Philippines. From intricately crafted lanterns adorning churches during festive seasons to sacred windows casting ethereal light on religious ceremonies, Capiz has become synonymous with the spiritual essence embedded in Filipino culture.

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